Mark Rasmussen Excavating, Inc.

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Mark Rasmussen Excavating, Inc. is a full service site development contractor specializing in demolition, grading, land clearing, trucking/hauling and more. We perform residential, commercial, industrial, and site development services throughout the northwest Wisconsin area. We have the most qualified personnel & best equipment for the job, and are committed to providing exceptional services at a fair and competitive price. Contact us today for more info and a free estimate!



We can cater for all your excavation and clearance needs, from a house clearance to full excavation. Contact us now for all your needs in the excavation and construction industry.



We understand that every job is unique which is why our team of highly trained driveway specialists fully assess every job in order to guarantee our high standards are always met.



Snow clearing is for those conditions which are so severe that simply ploughing the snow to the side is not enough, but the snow specifically needs lifting and moving to a designated area.